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Do you like have any writing tips?

I wish I could say I did but I’ve been writing since I was little. It runs in the family, a lot of my relations are writers. I just like go with what’s in my mind and it kind of flows. I’d advise not to write something if you really really don’t feel like writing at the time though because I did that for essays and they always came out crap. Wait until you’re in a creative mood ^^

Mon, 12th August
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Do you live in an abusive home though cos I saw the text posts last night but you deleted them
from: Anonymous

Hmm come off anon.

Mon, 12th August
do blurbs get like "sequels"?
from: Anonymous

UUUUUMMM I guess if enough people asked. But sometimes things are better as once offs.

Mon, 12th August
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Ok I woke and have like messages so I’ll answer them and then I have to cook lunch for my bros and I’ll get back to answering the blurb questions -_-

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ok a directioner who plays skyrim wot ahaha
from: Anonymous

Aha yeah well I grew up with lots of brothers and stuff and I’m not really like the type of directioner who screams all the time and wears pink I love Louis tshirts but like not everyone has to be. I don’t even like the word fangirl that much. I appreciate them in the way that they cheer me up and seem like decent people and are so motherfucking good looking omgssfas so yeah. And hey Skyrim is awesome!! I just lost my Mace of Molag Bal though so I’m super depressed bout that.

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i now have a profound respect and admiration for ashton kutcher

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